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Institute EMAG starts operations in Białystok

Institute of Innovative Technologies EMAG began services within Electromagnetic Compatibility in the Research Laboratory for Electromagnetic Compatibility. The leased laboratory - located in Białystok Science and Technology Park (BPNT) - has an area of ​​about 300 sq m and a height of nearly 8 meters, and is equipped with world-class custom-made equipment.

 During the official handover of the laboratory Anna Daszuta-Zalewska, Director of BPN-T, stressed that the laboratory is distinguished by a shielded anechoic SAC chamber, the largest in north-eastern Poland, allowing large size electrical and electronic equipment to be tested. Cars and even small airplanes can fit in the chamber.

Stanislaw Trenczek, Director of the EMAG Institute, stated in turn that the potential of the Bialystok laboratory will allow the Institute to extend the research capabilities of EMAG’s laboratory that had already functioned at the headquarters in Katowice and to increase the range of services for various industries.

It should be added that, in order to enable safe entering of vehicles, the chamber floor has been reinforced, and special automatically controlled gates have been installed. The chamber will enable to analyze whether electronic devices emit harmful radiation and whether they are susceptible to the effects of electro-magnetic radiation coming from the outside. The laboratory also allows to test resistance to electronic discharge, storms and disturbances coming directly from the mains.

The EMAG Institute has already begun works related to preparation of suitable personnel and technical resources in order to offer professional services starting from July 2017. In addition, the company is in talks with potential customers.

Below there are photographs of the formal handover of the laboratory, which was held on the 17th of January 2017 in the Technology Center BPNT in Białystok.



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