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We radiate to the whole Polish economy!

“We radiate to the whole Polish economy – Polish industry for nuclear power” was the name of the conference organized by the Ministry of Energy. The event attended by the Minister of Energy – Krzysztof Tchórzewski, took place on 30 January 2017 at the Ministry of Energy in Warsaw.

The conference was to present the potential of domestic entrepreneurs who may benefit from the implementation of the Polish Nuclear Power Programme (PPEJ).

We believe that the nuclear industry in Poland can have significant impact on the development of the whole economy and we want to carry out projects that contribute to this development.

Therefore, we took an active part in the conference as a member of the group named CNP EMAG and presented, during one of the panel discussions, our offer and potential of solutions for the nuclear power industry.

The name of the group CNP EMAG stands for Scientific and Industrial Centre EMAG which is a consortium that creates comprehensive, innovative processes and tools, from research through design, to implementation and maintenance. The group CNP EMAG consists of several companies (EMAG Institute, Telvis, EMAG-SERWIS, SEVITEL, CTT EMAG and SYBET).

During the conference, its participants could visit information stands of companies that want to be involved in the implementation of the PPEJ nuclear programme. CNP EMAG was also an exhibitor and would like to thank  everyone who visited our stand on that day.


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