ŁUKASIEWICZ Research Network – Institute of Innovative Technologies EMAG

Visiting a museum with a smart phone - from now on literally for everyone!

OPENArt is a new application designed to help explore a museum by all its visitors, including blind and visually impaired people as well as people with hearing problems. The OPENArt application works on mobile devices  and was created within a project under the same name. In the process of the application development the following consortium members were engaged: scientists, engineers, museum workers and educators. Among them there was also the Institute of Innovative Technologies EMAG. At different stages of its development the application was tested by a group of more than 300 users, including people with disabilities.

On Tuesday, 21st of February, in the Main Building of The National Museum in Krakow, a meeting was held summarizing the OPENArt project and giving a closer look at the application operations . The participants of the meeting could visit the Gallery of Polish Art of the 20th  century in the National Museum in Krakow. The event was attended by representatives of the media and press.

The project partners were:

  1. Institute of Innovative Technologies EMAG,

  2. Chair for Translation Studies and Intercultural Communication of the Jagiellonian University

  3. Institute of Applied Linguistics of University of Warsaw,

  4. Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology,

  5. National Information Processing Institute,

  6. National Museum in Krakow,

  7. National Museum in Warsaw,

  8. Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow MOCAK,

  9. Foundation Siódmy Zmysl,

  10. Centre of Technology Transfer EMAG

The project was co-funded by the National Centre for Research and Development under the Innovation Society programme, 2014-2016.

Media about the project: