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Interview with Stanisław Trenczek in the “Polish Market” magazine

The August issue of the prestigious English-language magazine “Polish Market” published an interview with Stanisław Trenczek, Direcotr of The Institute of Innovative Technologies EMAG.

On its pages the magazine promotes Polish economy, businesses, regions, Polish science and culture. “Polish Market” is a source of knowledge about Polish economy and the situation on the investment market. The recipients of the monthly magazine are presidents, vice presidents and directors of companies of all sectors of the economy, as well as foreign contractors and investors.
The theme of the issue ware among others oil as well as defence and arms industry.

In the interview, The Direcotor Trenczek presents some of the solutions for the defence industry and explains how EMAG's experience gained in various fields, particulary monitoring systems and specialized software, has led to the new applications of some of the solutions in the defense and security industry

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