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Project coordination

Project Coordination Centre


If you want to:

  • have your project properly managed,
  • have your documentation prepared,
  • run your project in compliance with valid regulations,
  • deal with financial matters properly,

we can assist you in the management of your project.

Katarzyna Krawczyk

We offer:

  • experienced and qualified personnel to deal with proposals submission, management and financial settlements,
  • layout and production of posters, leaflets and banners to promote your project,
  • well equipped conference centre with three conference rooms which can host any kinds of meetings, trainings and presentations.

We can assist you in the management of:

  • national and international research projects,
  • European projects,
  • joint projects.

You can benefit from our knowledge and experience in the following:

  • proposals submissions, consulting and management of projects, including administration and finances,
  • preparation of formal project documentation: proposals, contracts, reports (including reports with the use of obtained results) and other indispensable documents,
  • preparation and implementation of formal partnership regulations within the consortium,
  • intellectual property protection and exploitation in the range of patents, trademarks, implementation and licence agreements,
  • organization of project meetings of the consortium members, conferences, seminars, etc.