Łukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Innovative Technologies EMAG


Informatics Research Centre

We offer innovative business solutions. Modern and safe, proven in practice!

Director - Marek Sikora

We offer:

  • development and implementation of information systems,
  • implementation of modern semantic technologies,
  • safety of business systems and risk analysis,
  • systems of industrial automation, safety and telecommunications,
  • industrial metrology and measuring the quality of minerals,
  • energy audits,
  • medical systems and equipment,
  • development and implementation of decision-support systems,
  • data statistics and data mining analyses, data visualization,
  • preventing the exclusion of people with disabilities,
  • preparing opinions on innovation.

Implementation of works on:

Computer systems:
  •  systems development and implementation,
  • IT systems integration,
  • mobile business solutions,
  • animations and 3D visualizations.

Semantic technologies:

  • practical applications of semantic techniques (Semantic Web) in management and knowledge discovery,
  • semantic integration of IT systems,
Business security:
  • business continuity and information security management,
  • development and evaluation of security measures for security-enhanced IT products,
  • IT systems security,
  • risk analysis and managing business risks
Automation, telecommunications and security:
  • machine control and monitoring,
  • safe transmission of signals and data,
  • protection of equipment and workers against hazards,
  • systems and equipment for the assessment of seismic hazard,
  • monitoring environmental parameters,
  • special systems for rescuing purposes,
  • power systems with reactive power compensation and harmonic filters.
Industrial metrology:
  • methods and equipment for monitoring quality parameters of minerals,
  • environmentally friendly systems for monitoring and controlling production processes.
Energy audits:
  • audit for the assessment of projects aimed at improving energy efficiency,
  • thermo-modernization and repair audit.
Medical apparatus:
  • systems using objective methods for hearing testing,
  • systems for testing the balance system,
  • tone audiometry, tone audiometry expanded to include verbal tests,
  • diagnosis-support systems,
  • biomedical signals analysis,
Decision-support systems and data analysis:
  • data analysis and visualization,
  • development and implementation of decision-support systems
  • development of data bases and warehouses for processing large data streams
Assisting people with disabilities:
  • public information systems for everyone,
  • designing user interfaces in accordance with the principles of accessibility and universal design,
  • audio description and location of objects.