Łukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Innovative Technologies EMAG

Research Centre for Innovative Technologies

Innovative technologies – our response to challenges of industry

Director - Jarosław Smyła

We offer the following:

  • industrial automation systems, security systems, telecommunications systems
  • systems for monitoring technological processes,
  • solutions for environmental protection,
  • opinions on innovativeness, expertise.

We offer services in the range of the following:

Sustainable economy and energy

  • development of technologies for manufacturing new, ecological fuels,
  • optimization of combustion processes,
  • monitoring environmental parameters,
  • optimization of manufacturing processes,
  • development and implementation of systems and tools

Intelligent mobility

  • control and monitoring of specialized vehicles and tools,
  • electromobility in difficult industrial conditions,
  • systems for monitoring vehicles traffic.

Digital transformation

  • secure transmission of signals and data
  • data analysis and reporting,
  • decision support.